Energy Medicine

Who among us has never experienced directly, or even indirectly, the healing power of the forest? Whose spirit has not been lifted by a beautiful sunrise, or felt the nervous excitement of a great wind announcing a storm? When was the last time you felt your mood shift by walking into a room of people, or became inexplicably sad in the presence of others?

This is our world. This is every living being— being in relation to another. We are all; human, four-legged, winged-ones, swimmers, creepers and crawlers, standing peoples of the green world, stone peoples of the earth, waters in all forms, beginning and ending with energy.

What is physical only appears to be solid and immovable because this is how we perceive it to be. And yet, are we not constantly reminded of the unseen forces surrounding us, indeed, comprising us? Just because we are comfortable perceiving in only three dimensions does not make it so.

As humans, not only is our “physicality” composed, at its most essential, of energy, but the human form is also surrounded by layers of energy fields extending out a few feet from our bodies. These fields act as highly perceptual systems and information centers encompassing and penetrating the human body. Energy medicine is the art and science of listening deeply into the subtleties of what these systems have to say about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of the body, then activating and restoring these fields to help to enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Energy medicine has been practiced in many forms by different cultures for thousands of years, and while Western medicine tends to work more directly in the physical, today, modern practices are beginning to acknowledge the effect of energetic forces on the human body and the human psyche.

It is the work of the energy medicine practitioner to connect with and to sense the state of an energetic system by touch, hearing, sight, smell, even taste, and in particular with that most profound sense; the sense of knowing the truth. In this way, through discernment and an understanding of the symbologies which might be presenting themselves, the practitioner is able to bring into balance the body’s natural energetic rhythms. While gentle and non-invasive, a healing session can have a powerfully beneficial effect on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of those who are willing to receive.

As a Level Two practitioner of Reiki in the Usui Holy Fire tradition and a graduate of a two year course of study with the Whitewinds/Featherstone Institute of Integrative Energy Medicine, John is open to scheduling sessions with clients both, in person or remotely via phone or skype. For more information, or to schedule a session, John can be reached by phone at 703-401-1694 or by email at

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