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We dance around beauty like a trap. A dangerous miracle set by God.

Dear Visitors, 

When it comes to firsts and the Divine, I put my faith in Beauty over God. That’s the crux of what I’m saying in The Broken Poems; that long before god or goddess, long before, and even in spite of love’s stubborn incompleteness, Beauty is and has always been the most known to us of all, which is to say, as humans, we recognize Beauty long before God. Or at least that which we told ourselves God and Goddess was. 

Beauty is omni-democracy in action. Beauty comprehends exactly what it is that lifts our eyes and hearts even as it is comprehended. No one has ever had to teach another soul how to see Beauty in a sunset, hear it in music, or feel it in a loved one’s hug. There are no rules, commandments or bibles for Beauty. 

Once, a very long forever ago, a man who would heavily influence our thinking about Beauty put Beauty next to Truth and Justice under Goodness (God). My contention is the ancient and not-so-ancient philosophers lumped Beauty in with Justice and Truth because, being almost exclusively men, they simply would not acknowledge the omni-democratic implications of  Divine Beauty. You simply cannot put the femininity of Beauty “in its place”, no more than you can elevate the masculine in Beauty. And I think it’s just another in a long line of examples of how the exclusion of women and other marginalized voices bent the way we view the world. 

Think how differently we might see the world if Plato had the courage and vision to put Beauty before God at the top of his Triad. 

Whatever else you might find here; poetry, stories, strange ideas about Beauty, Darkness, Silence, Light, Gravity and God, all I ask is you take a moment. Look out your window and ask; What if EVERYTHING I always wanted God to be, Beauty is? In a world in need of beautiful questions, it is the one I most like to ask.

Welcome to the Forevers, 

aka The Sock Drawer Poet

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