Buying Stamps

Buying stamps I’m handed a book full of flags. 


Nothing strange, nothing you wouldn’t expect

in an American store, in an American town,


but I ask – What other choices do you have?


Celebrate! one book says, over and over in primary colors.


Another, a page of pastel flowers. I’ll take the flowers,

I say. Oh really! I’m surprised.


Somedays, moments present themselves like willing 

and fragrant petals aching to give, and yet you approach

like a cautious cat, your few inches of whiskers

carefully testing the air for the bee before taking a breath. 


What would you have expected me to choose? The flags, 

she says. I wink. 


You really don’t know me at all.


(from The Lawnmower Poems, Foothills Publishing, 2019)

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