Bookcrafting Classes


Most of John’s work is published by hand using a method favored by Foothills Publishing, and through some developments John has made on his own in his beautifully crafted, pocket-sized volumes of The Broken Poem and Other Strange Ideas About God. 

John teaches these methods in a class he calls The Art of Bookcraft. In the class John shows both serious writers and novices how to format, print, bind, stitch and cut books of their own. For books of poetry, short fiction and family memoirs, under 100 pages, his methods are easy, inexpensive, durable and lovely to behold.

Best of all, John is willing to bring the class to you! As long as you’re not a million miles from Winchester Va., John will happily bring the class to your writing group, library or genealogical society. During the class, not only will you learn John’s method, participants will also hand craft a blank journal of their own, and take John and Brenda Berry’s accompanying manual, The Art of Bookcraft, home for reference. 

To learn more about The Art of Bookcraft, contact John.